Terms And Conditions

Asia Rewards Terms & Conditions


  • For Customer Support, Cancellations and Disputes please give us a call first at xxx xxx xxxx.
  • We need 60 days and 180 days advance notice for all bookings.
  • We GUARANTEE confirmed Booking in writing within 60 of your request.
  • Vacation travel (Thanks giving, Christmas and 4th of July 2016) will incur a $150 holiday travel fee charge.
  • Ages of Travelers must be between ages 25 – 72.


  • First stay vacation offer a 100% refund, of your booking fee provide you cancel within a month of booking.
  • Discounted Hotels vacations offer a refund of any money paid providing you are within the guidelines of the hotel you booked ( Note this refund would come direct from the idividual hotel itself and not Asia Rewards ).
  • Affilated Resort stay offer a 100%  refund of any money paid provided you cancel within the permitted times.


1. To qualify for this gift, you must travel with your partner, and have been married or living together for a minimum of two years, be aged between 25 – 72, be a home owner with a joint annual income of at least $20,000 per year.

2. You will receive accommodation in a self-catering unit or hotel room for three to seven days depending on the promotion.

3. This offer is valid for you and your partner (and up to 3 children under the age of 16) only in a Affiliated Resort. No additional friends or relatives are permitted to stay on the resort at the same time, even if booked separately; therefore, no group bookings. Any such occurrences will result in all parties being charged the full accommodation tariff.

4. Only one Asia Rewards Vacation Gift card may be used per booking.

5. No prior or subsequent weeks (booked independently) are allowed in conjunction with this holiday promotion without prior consent from Asia Rewards.
(Failure to adhere to the above condition may result in you being liable to pay the full cost of the promotional week’s accommodation on arrival)

6. A one-off, non-refundable administration fee of $79 per person payable when you make your registration request. A maximum of 3 administration fees will apply for families of 4 or 5. The high-quality overseas week’s accommodation you will be offered has a minimum value of $299 and can reach as much as $875, dependent on the resort, the time of travel and the party size. ( Hotel Discounts may differ if all inclusive pacjage was included at time of booking)

7. As a couple, during your stay, you will be required to spend a morning or afternoon with a resort representative, who will demonstrate and explain the benefits of their system.

8. Asia Rewards reserves the right to substitute or provide alternative accommodation after confirmation due to any unforeseen circumstances.

9. These offer is valid up to 2018 and must be booked 6 months in advance.

10. Flights, car hire, transfers etc., are not included, but quotes can be obtained using our preferred suppliers on our ‘extras’ link.

11. Your flight details must be forwarded to Asia Rewards, at the least two weeks prior to the date of travel. If Asia Rewards does not receive the flight information in the permitted time, it will be assumed that you are not travelling, and therefore, your reservation will be cancelled without any liability on our part.

12. Asia Rewards limits its responsibility to the admin fee received and will not be held responsible for telephone costs, taxi fares etc. incurred while on holiday.
(Some resorts require additional fees for the use of certain amenities and facilities. These fees are determined and collected by the host resort. (I.E. key, security, refundable damage deposit, electricity, water, linen deposits etc.) 
​If a resort operates a compulsory All-Inclusive programme as in Mexico you will be obliged to pay this, however there are very few resorts that operate All-Inclusive and you will be advised of this and the cost before your booking is confirmed.

13. Any damage caused to the resort or property is the responsibility of the guests.

14. Asia Rewards does not assume any responsibility for any verbal agreements between yourself and the vouchers sponsor that is not in writing.

15. Asia Rewards lists the resorts facilities, details and amenities in good faith and cannot be held responsible for any variation of these. (For an up to date clarification of the facilities, the client should contact the resort directly, prior to booking)

18. Any complaints or problems during your holiday must be brought to the attention of the resort’s administration before you depart. (If the complaint is not resolved locally at the time of your stay, please write within 28 days of returning home, to admin@asiarewards.net  with clear and concise details of the complaint. It is imperative that you communicate any complaint to the resort’s administration and obtain a record of doing so. Failure to comply with this procedure will deprive us of the opportunity to fully investigate and rectify your complaint)

19. Should you or your partner’s personal circumstances change after making a booking, it is your responsibility to inform Asia Rewards prior to travel. (Failure to do so may result in you being charged full rental cost for the accommodation on arrival)

20. Non-compliance with the terms and conditions of this agreement will invalidate this agreement and release Asia Rewards from any future liabilities.

21. If you need to amend your reservation, we will allow you to re-book to another resort or to re-book at the same resort at another time. (a $30 admin fee will apply).

22. Asia Rewards recommends that you purchase travel insurance for your holiday.

23. The choices of holiday accommodation offered are governed by availability and eligibility. In all cases the terms and conditions of the offer must be met and these include acceptance by our accommodation suppliers of individual status based upon the Client Information Sheet which you are required to fill in.

24. As receiving a presentation is a fundamental requirement of this offer, Resort staff need to be available to give the presentation to you in your native language, or be satisfied that you can comfortably receive the presentation in a second language. This is entirely at the individual Resort’s discretion.

25. All accommodation requests are subject to availability.

26. In the case that you are unable to use your Vacation Gift Card for any reason you may gift it with our compliments to a family member of friend who may use it as long as they are able to comply with the above Terms & Conditions.

27. Maximum Liability. To the fullest extent permitted by law, on accepting these terms and conditions, you agree that Asia Rewards maximum liability is limited to the amount of the Administrations Fees paid on any individual booking (maximum $147.00). This limitation shall apply regardless of the cause of action or legal theory pled or asserted.

28. Offer include school holidays, Easter, Bank Holidays, Christmas & New Year. (A extra cost of  $150 USD will incur for these dates.)Accommodation is in a 1 bedroom apartment at Afflited Resort, subject to availability. Discounted Hotels please see there our hotel terms and conditions.

29. You are under no obligation to make a purchase.